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The Little Book of Infinite Abundance
A 30 Day Course in Healing Abundance Consciousness
by Naisha Ahsian

Because it is needed right now...

The Little Book of Infinite Abundance is now available as a FREE download to anyone-- anywhere. Read it, practice it, and share it with everyone you know to spread the true energy of abundance, healing and LOVE across the planet at this tremendous moment in human history! Print it out, or read on your phone, e-reader or computer. The LBIA is unlike any abundance teaching you have ever practiced. It is not about manifesting more stuff. It is about aligning with the infinite creative energy of the Divine Mind, and using that energy to create a life-- and a world-- filled with Spirit and the energy of true abundance. It is not just a book to read, but a course to practice. Share it today!

Download the PDF version to read on your computer or print here.

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Everything you need to practice true abundance is included in the FREE Little Book of Infinite Abundance. But, if you prefer your daily Core Abundance Practice in a guided audio meditation format, you can order this beautiful and powerful 2 CD set. Also included is a powerful audible affirmation track to support the healing of your abundance consciousness.

CD 1: The Core Abundance Practice Meditation guided by Naisha Ahsian, the author of The Little Book of Infinite Abundance. A beautiful meditative music track, powerful binaural beat technology to facilitate your meditative state, and Naisha's gentle guidance allow you to practice your daily Core Abundance meditation without having to read it or think about it. You can focus on the power of the experience! 47 minutes.

CD 2: Audible Abundance Affirmations is a one hour track that uses binaural beat technology with audible affirmations from The Little Book of Infinite Abundance to assist you in integrating your healing on deeper levels. It can be used either as background audio for other meditations, or as you go about your daily tasks, or it can be focused upon as a meditation itself using stereo headphones. 60 minutes.

Download the Core Abundance Practice 2 CD set through CD Baby here...

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